Scottsdale United Lacrosse Club is the fastest-growing lacrosse organization in the Arizona Youth Lacrosse League (AYLL). We fields teams at the U4, U6 and middle school/junior high levels.

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We are still accepting a few individual registrations at each register now to sign up!
Week One Practice Schedule & Game Dates Announced

Based on your registrations, Scottsdale United Lacrosse Club will be fielding six teams for the 2015 season, supporting more than 100 players:

  • One U4 team
  • Two U6 teams
  • Three middle school teams


The first week of practice will be dedicated to evaluating our U6 and middle school players for placement on teams, according to the following schedule:

  • U4 & U6 | 6:00 - 7:30 pm | Tuesday Jan. 6 
  • U4 & U6 | 6:00 - 7:30 pm | Thursday Jan. 8 
  • 7th & 8th | 6:00 - 7:30 pm | Monday Jan. 5
  • 7th & 8th | 7:30 - 9:00 pm | Tuesday, Jan. 6
  • 7th & 8th | 6:00 - 7:30 pm | Wednesday Jan. 7

All players should bring all equipment with them, including a mouthguard, along with a numbered reversible pinnie.

Due to the late registration close and the holidays, practice packs will likely not be delivered in time for the first week or so of practice. Be sure to bring a numbered pinnie you can wear to each practice that week.

All practices for the coming season will be held at Rancho Solano Academy at 9180 E. Via de Ventura in Scottsdale. 


The Board and coaches will be meeting on Friday, January 8 to assign players to teams, but for planning purposes here is the practice schedule for the coming season. U4 & U6 teams will practice twice a week, middle school teams three times a week as expected.

On the late Tuesday slot we only have one team practicing, so we are working to develop occasional optional clinics, open to all ages, focusing on one specific skill or position. Those optional clinics would be held during this slot. 







6:00- 7:30 pm

U6#1 | 7/8 #3

U4 | U6#2

U6#1 | 7/8 #3

U4 | U6#2

7:30 – 9:00 pm

7/8 #1 | 7/8 #2

7/8 #2 | CLINICS

7/8 #1  | 7/8#2

7/8 #1 | 7/8 #3



The AYLL Board announced the game schedule for the coming year, and it's a bit different than previous years due to an early Easter weeekend. 

The first games will start on January 24 this year, with games taking place each Saturday through March 21.

There may be an occasional game on Friday nights as well instead of a Saturday day game, usually for the middle school teams. As soon as the schedule is set we'll let you know. 

The Cactus Cup championships will be held the evening of Friday March 27 and all day Saturday March 28 to conclude the season.


We'll have more information as soon as we know it, but all players should be ready to strap helmets on and hit the field in a little over two weeks from now!

In the meantime, grab your stick, gloves and a ball and hit the wall!



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CLICK HERE to register now!


We require a $350 deposit at the time of registration, with the balance of $170 due on 1/12.


Practice schedules will be set once we know how many U6 and 7/8 teams we have. We cannot book practice times without that information. However, we know that:

  1. U4 teams will practice either M/W or T/Th from 6-7:30
  2. U6 teams will practice either M/W or T/Th from 6-7:30
  3. 7/8 teams will likely practice three times a week from 7:30-9:00
  4. There should be no Friday practices unless we have unexpected demand. 


The better you look, the better you play. So here's a sneak peek at the uniforms for the coming season, inspired by the UnderArmour All-American uniforms. 



Don't miss out on your chance to suit up with Scottsdale United:

CLICK HERE to register now!

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Team updates & Limited edition United sticks

To all current and prospective Scottsdale United parents and players,

A few weeks have passed since our kickoff event, and we are very close to making several major announcements in preparation for the season ahead:


We have secured three tentative slots in the upcoming one-day LAX4LIFE tournament to be played in Gilbert on December 13.

This tournament is a fundraiser for two young lacrosse players battling cancer, and United will be there to support them for the first time this year. As soon as we finalize the costs per player, we'll open registration and see how much interest we have. 

This event is completely optional, and no practices will take place beforehand. Just show up and play three games in one day!  


We're finalizing negotiations on our practice fields for the coming year, and as soon as that is complete we'll get the word out. 


With the holidays just around the corner, we're finalizing the details on the United team and helmet wrap store for all interested players and parents. You'll be able to order online directly from the stores, and your items will drop ship directly to you. No need to wait for practice to begin! And speaking of the holidays...


We had a number of requests for custom sticks with the new United colors, and Lax Locker delivered some great-looking sticks rocking the new colors from end to end, just in time for their Black Friday sale and Grand Opening the day after Thanksgiving. Call the store or stop by to check them out and grab one while you can!


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Introducing Scottsdale United Lacrosse Club!

The sport of lacrosse is growing rapidly nationwide, and Arizona is no exception. It is in this spirit of growth and evolution that we are pleased to announce the merger of the Scottsdale Swag Lacrosse Club and the Scottsdale Lacrosse Club, as voted on by the leadership of both organizations.

The new club will compete as the Scottsdale United Lacrosse Club, beginning with the coming 2015 season.  


Coach Austin Gray serves as the head coach of Chaparral’s high school lacrosse program. Coach Doug Lipka heads up Notre Dame Prep’s lacrosse program. Both of these growing obligations overlap directly with the Swag and SLC seasons.

As a result, neither coach felt like they could devote the time needed to effectively grow, lead and coach their own independent lacrosse organizations during the high school season.

Merging the two organizations now gives the combined Scottsdale United Lacrosse Club the critical mass, strength, leadership, coaching and pipeline of talent to ensure the future success of the club.


The combined club expects to field the following teams at a minimum in 2015, based solely on the number of potential returning players from last year’s clubs:

  • 1 U4 team
  • 1-2 U6 teams
  • 3-4 middle school teams

The number of middle school teams to be fielded and the divisions they compete in will be determined based on:

  • The competition levels of the teams in the combined league
  • Volume of player interest and overall team skill level

Where multiple United teams will compete in the same division (likely U6 and Jr. High) the composition of each team will be determined through a player evaluation and draft, consistent with “house” leagues in most other sports.

The goal of this draft is to ensure that each United team is:

  • Balanced with other United clubs in the same age group/division
  • Able to compete at a high level with other non-United clubs in the same age group/division 


Coach Doug Lipka and Coach Austin Gray will take on new roles in Scottsdale United as Directors of Lacrosse Operations.

In order to allow Doug and Austin to fulfill their responsibilities to their high school programs and youth clinics, neither Doug nor Austin will be directly coaching any Scottsdale United teams in the 2015 season.

Instead, they will be focused on selecting and overseeing the coaching staffs and practices, as well as creating age-specific lacrosse skill development models and practice plans that deliver the right training in the right manner at the right age for all United teams.

The rest of the United coaching staff will be determined based on:

  • The total number of United teams for 2015
  • A review of the overall performance of the coaches, based on last year’s season
  • The availability of the coaches for the coming season

United staff and directors will make every attempt to retain Swag and SLC coaches that:

  • Performed their duties with professionalism
  • Were highly regarded by parents, staff and players​
  • Represented the club well in their behavior in practices and games
  • Are available to commit to coaching again in 2015, based on job and personal obligations.


From a governance and process perspective, SLC has many best practices already in place relative to the younger Swag organization, including:

  • A formal Board of Directors
  • Board bylaws​
  • Preferential field status with the City of Scottsdale

For this reason, the Swag board will be merged into the existing SLC board to take advantage of SLC’s mature governance model.  

The combined board will be comprised of representatives from each team and age group to ensure that United moves forward with input from both organizations during this merger year.

This board will review best practices from each club to ensure that United players and families receive the best possible experience on and off the field this season.

The new Scottsdale United Lacrosse Club intends to file for non-profit corporation status – also known as a 501(c)3 status – to allow the club to receive individual and corporate donations beginning with the 2015 season.


The club leadership is in the process of developing the club’s new branding, website etc. in preparation for the traditional October-November kickoff and registration.  

As soon as those elements are completed, we will let you know as quickly as possible.

Scottsdale United also intends to have a fall development camp on November 1 to bring players from the two clubs together for the first time and to open the registration period for the 2015 season. This camp is encouraged but entirely optional. More details will be announced as they are formalized.

The new Scottsdale United Lacrosse Club combines some of the top lacrosse talent in the state under one organization, ready to deliver a first-class lacrosse experience to every player, parent, volunteer and coach. We hope you’re as excited about this coming season we are.


-          The 2014-2015 Scottsdale United Board of Directors

**Please feel free to pass this on to any former, current or prospective club members**

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